Research and Development: Our R&D team gives aid to the sales department in preliminary phase to search the best solution to comply the client performance requirements.

Design: defined the basic characteristics of the project and after the offer becomes order, the engineering phase begins, it is made ‚Äč‚Äčentirely in 3D design and supported by continuous contact with the customer for any inquiries.

Simulations: the design phase is supported by analysis software (dynamic analysis, static analysis, sound and vibration analysis, etc ). All of them are useful to analyze the stress to which machine elements are subjected.

Approval: completed the design and simulation phases, we arrive at the final design to be approved by the customer.

Production: Gears productions, the heart of machine, are made entirely in our company. The production cycle is continuously monitored by the Project Manager and the customer is frequently updated on the progress.

Process quality: our ISO 9001 certification ensures the high quality level on which all the individual pieces are subjected to produce our machines.

Testing and certification of finished products: completed the production phase, machines are assembled in our company and tested according to the test procedures specified by the customer. At the end of the test is issued a test certificate with all parameters monitored during the test.

Hotline - Service and emergency: our after sales service ensures an intervention in the shortest possible time.

Installation: if required by the customer, installation can be supported by a service technician.

Field measurements: Our technicians have got a portable equipment that can be used on site.