Insights - Status Update

Allow me to update all of you regarding the situation of the group of companies I have the great privilege to lead.

It has been a difficult month, during which we forced to cope with uncertainties, organizational challenges, and a deep sense of fragility.

Let me thank my team immediately from the most senior person to last of the juniors. They are great. They adapt and learn to work in new ways, and have the courage to continue working even when the situation in Milan was really scary.

In OCMI-OTG, since always, we take great pride in continually supporting our customers, and this is what we want to keep on doing no matter what.

It was not easy to take and implement a lot of the decisions. Still, we knew that we had a responsibility to carry forward in order not to stop two very strategic and critical sectors such as Oil & Gas and Healthcare.

Since the beginning, my finance team has worked hard to tackle all our commitments, and I am particularly happy to tell you that we are going to do it.

I want to reassure everybody that we have established a strict protocol for the people who work in our factories to grant their health and safety and especially those of their loved ones.

I want to thank our customers and suppliers for the trust they continue to place on us.

Thanks for the strength and motivation you give us, we will update you as long as the situation will evolve.

Stay in touch with our sales and after-sales force to get specific updates regarding your orders.

Michele Gusti
President of the board of directors 
Michele Gusti

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