Insights - Mechanical Running Test

In compliance with the COVID-19 protection rules, OCMI-OTG has developed an innovative system that would allow performing the witness MRT (mechanical running test) and the maintenance of safety.

The newly activated service allows directly to view the real-time progress of the tests on a computer connected to the internet or in the event of a visit on-site on the monitors in a specially equipped room.

By merely accessing a web page, you can see all the Gear Box parameters during the running: the oil and bearings temperature, the oil flow, and the ADRE system's vibrations. The machine under test and all the systems connected to it are displayed in a second frame.

Besides, thanks to a mobile camera available to test technicians, it is possible, before or at the end of the test, to watch the witness checks like NDT, balancing, "strip down" and other required checks of the GearBox.

This procedure, beyond the current health emergency, solves the problem of safety in the workshop, allowing to eliminate the problem of interference at work and can allow the customer to save on travel costs.

For these reasons, the service will be provided to customers at the end of the current emergency.

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