Innovative solutions for glass industry

Thanks to the long experience acquired in this activity, OCMI group is able to supply forming and after-forming equipments for the production of glass ampoules, vials, dental cartridges, syringes and droppers for any kind of customers, glass factories or laboratories.

In the headquarter based in Milan (Italy) continuous rotary forming machines for pharmaceutical containers are mainly produced.

Ampoules forming machine FA-36S, equipped with 36 heads, is made in Milan facility and is recommended by OCMI for high production needs (up to 5.000 pcs/hour) and for the special first bottom station that allows to produce one more ampoule per each glass tube and save up to 5% of glass.

In the French facility of MODERNE MECANIQUE, based in Chelles, close to Paris, previously Schott company purchased by OCMI in 1977, the 30 stations ampoules forming machine MM-30 is actually manufactured. The machine MM-30 is surely the best known ampoules forming machine in the world and few weeks ago the 1000th MM-30 produced was celebrated by Italian and French staff.

Both models of ampoules forming machines can be equipped with OPTISTEM/2, a stem camera control system operating on the oxygen level in the last two burners before forming station. This system includes two cameras respectively dedicated to the tube heating control in a specified area and to the final stem control before unloading. Out-of-tolerance ampoules are automatically rejected. OPTISTEM/2 allows to check products quality in real time and correct the mistakes during the cycle.

Ampoules after-forming lines LA can be connected to both forming machines FA-36S or MM-30 and are available in several versions according to the optional devices needed by customers (LA-502 is the standard model). Each line can be equipped with any device needed to produce any kind of ISO product: after dimensional controls, the lines can apply up to three Code Rings Devices and One Colour Break Device. As an alternative option for ampoule breaking, OPTICUT device according to exclusive Schott mechanism can be installed.

The annealing lehr is available with electric or gas hood according to the requirement in terms of energy saving.

Each line finishes with the Packing Station, also available in the automatic version with vacuum picking device and rotary table with 4 boxes to be filled.

Vials forming machines FLA-20 and FLA-35, produced in Milan, represent two alternative solutions to be chosen according to vials sizes and production volumes. FLA-20 is the next step after simple index machines and allows to be more flexible in terms of job change.
FLA-35, equipped with seven finishing tooling heads synchronized with the main machine, is particularly suitable for production of large batches without job changes.
On demand the same concept used to manufacture vials forming machines can be used to produce dental cartridges, syringes or dropper forming machines through modification of tooling sections.

Also in this case a new camera control system, called OPTIVIAL is available to be installed on forming machines for dimensional control.

Vials after-forming lines by MODERNE MECANIQUE, are available in two versions LF-520 and LF-535 according to the model of forming machine to be connected. Both versions can be equipped with up to four electro-mechanical dimensional control stations and printing station. After annealing lehr, packing section is available in standard or automatic version.

Actually OCMI counts more than 1000 installations worldwide and more than 100 employers considering the factories in Milan (Italy), Chelles (France) and the manufacturing plant of OCMI INDIA in Ahmenabad. In this third factory basically vials forming machines with index mechanism dedicated to Indian market are produced. Anyway Indian staff is also available to provide technical assistance on all machines coming from OCMI group.

In order to confirm once more the multi-national orientation, we can't forget the Training Centre available in the Egyptian company and OCMI partner, European Ampoules based in 6th October City.

One of the main competitive advantages of OCMI is the possibility to provide skilled and accurate after-sale assistance everywhere in the world. OCMI purpose is helping customer to grow with their machines by considering the sale as a step of a long business relationship.