OCMI introduces the updated gas hood for ampoules annealing lehr

OCMI introduces the updated gas hood for ampoules annealing lehr, purposely studied to be adapted to the annealing ovens from Moderne Mecanique and is completely interchangeable with the standard cover usually equipped with electrical heating elements.

The lehr cover is fully insulated with high quality refractory materials in order to minimize the heating dispersion. The gas burners are installed in a sealed chamber separated from the ampoules conveying area by a quartz glass plate in order to avoid any type of contamination of the products. This is absolutely needed to keep the alkalinity level into acceptable limits.

Two thermocouples check the temperature in the gas burners chamber and in the ampoule conveying area. The lehr reaches the correct temperature for the annealing within one hour.

The renovated gas lehr was tested by the main historical OCMI customers who reported the results in terms of stress release, reaction of inks of printing, rings and OPC and consumptions.

The gas powered lehr by OCMI assures the same results of electric lehr in terms of stress release and the maintaining of the characteristics and brightness of the ink. The consumption of gas was measured in the range between 2,5 and 3m3/hr. The emission of CO is around 1ppm at the highest working temperature and in any case a small exhaust hood is available to be connected with the evacuation pipe of the factory in order to avoid any environmental contamination and assure more safe working conditions for the operators.

Electric power is need to run the motor for racks movement only and is fixed in the range of 2 kW against the 13/14 kW needed for the proper working of electric annealing lehr. Compressed air is needed in a really minimum quantity, to switch one the pilot burner in the first working step.