The Company was established in 1921 for the production of railway gears and machine tools.

Today OTG core business is the manufacturing of custom gears and gear units for industrial application, high speed, step-up, railway, single or multi-stage gears unit and test bench.

OTG references include the most important manufacturers of turbines, compressors and pumps and the top engineering companies.

The company is engaged in manufacturing different type of gearboxes starting from sport car unit, such as Ferrari and Porsche, ending with marine and heavy duty services gearboxes.

The product is completely developed within the company by the technical department constantly in relation with the best R&D centers all across Europe.

The final products are tested on test bench both in no load and partial load condition fully monitored trough vibration, temperature, output and noise tracking.

For this reason OTG is in position to manage under tight quality control any new project which could involve special gear units construction.

OTG implemented tight working procedures which can be shortly described as it follows:

  • Design to obtain best functional performance (torsional strenght and resistance to bending stress, efficiency, etc.) through FEM and integrated CAD toolings (the most advanced calculation and design instruments, finished parts, torsion and flexure analysis systems, CAD and CAM).

  • Procurement oriented to select only the best and qualified suppliers periodically checked by Quality Assurance department.

  • Production organized to comply with manufacturing cycle as to match design and control requested standards.

  • Middling test directed to respect Quality Control Plan for every single gear unit and specially focused to verify the requested standard during manufacturing operations.

  • Final test executed according to procedures for speed increasers and reducers, and particularly with possibility of load and no load test.

Production procedures are organized and planned as to respect fully a strict quality and assurance system such as UNI EN ISO 9001:2008; furthermore production is certified since 1997 by DET NORSKE VERITAS ITALIA.

Tightly linked with gear units manufacturing is the realisation of medium and small lots of gears on customer drawings for different industrial applications, but mostly for railway transmission, printing machines and steel plants.