OCMI was established in 1978 with the aim of developing the GUSTI glass processing machines division.

The first GUSTI ampoule machine was produced in 1947; very rapidly the company became world leader in the sector, with hundreds of its FA12, FA16 and FA36 units working in factories all over the world.

With the support of this tradition behind it, OCMI developed a complete range of machines for the production of ampoules and vials over the following 20 years.

The experience acquired in the processing of heated glass and a natural flair for research & development led the company to produce a new group of machines for the production of glassware electronic components and hollow glass articles.

The stemware sealing machines (SA36, SA42, SA48, SA60) were first produced in 1982.

The crack-off machines, designed to cut cold glass with the use of LASER technology, were launched in 1992, with an exclusive OCMI trademark and patent.

In 1985 OCMI acquired OTG Srl, an engineering company specialised in designing precision transmission systems and in the construction of special machines and gears. The most important parts of the new OCMI machines are currently produced in the OTG workshop.

In 1997 OCMI together with MT Forni Industriali Srl took over AMIG Srl, a market leader in manufacturing press machines for the production of hollow glass.

In 1998 OCMI bought over, from SCHOTT ROHRGLAS, the majority stake of its main competitor, MODERNE MECANIQUE, the world leader in ampoule machines. Thanks to the OCMI-SCHOTT partnership in the field of R&D and management, the company gained, in a very short time, a unique range of machines and production lines.

During the past 30 years, OCMI-OTG, was capable of always innovating, diversifying and winning every technical challenge being those either raised by a single client or by a shared need of the market.

OCMI-OTG looks at the future with the sole and precise aim to offer and guarantee the best service in terms of both quality and supportto our clients.

Today more then ever we like to be partner of our clients and climb with them the steep learning curve of glass production.