OCMI India

Ocmi India was established in 2006 with the purpose of serving the Indian customers of OCMI-OTG and MODERNE MECANIQUE. Ocmi India immediately started the production of the indexing TAM-16 station vial forming machine when similar equipments were not yet produced in India at that time.

After slowly developing quality consciousness and consequently quality assurance procedures and quality control department, now Ocmi India is working with new models and new design of forming machines.

The new indexing vial forming machine, called TAM-114, developed in close cooperation with OCMI-OTG Technical Department, represents the beginning of the new generation of vial forming machines intended to overcome limits of Indian market and explore new opportunities worldwide.

TAM-114 presents innovations in main mechanical, electronic and pneumatic components and new devices improving the tube processing in order to get the best final product also from the point of view of hydrolytic level.

The machine is controlled by Siemens touch screen while oil pump for forming tools lubrication and all pneumatic components are of European origin. A completely new piping and cabling was realized with particular attention to the safety conditions.

The new lubrication system allows oil to be sprayed from the inner side of the mouth forming plunger with consequent cleaner working conditions.

Mechanical improvements were applied in critical operations like glass tube bursting and cutting where smokes produced during these operations must be removed as much as possible from tube internal surface. This is why movable internal and external cutting burners and movable bursting burner as well were developed in order to minimize the time of flame action on glass and keep alkalinity within acceptable limits.

Among other new features, TAM-114 machine was also adapted for the connection with automatic loader ROBOGLASS and for the installation of last generation camera inspection system OPTIVIAL for dimensional control, the same developed for all other OCMI European forming machines.

A new after-forming line has been designed purposely for two indexing machines TAM-114 with important innovations especially linked to vial transportation inside annealing lehr. Standard configuration of this new line model LF-516/114 will include two forming machines to get a total output of about 3.800 pcs/hour.

Regarding ampoule market, the quality orientation, process and quality control allows Ocmi India to refurbish European made ampoule machines like OCMI FA-36DS and MODERNE MECANIQUE MM30 using original European parts.

Main goal of OCMI India in the next future is to continue the growth in this direction and to supply the best commercial and technical support to customers even outside Indian borders.




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