OCMI China

For 25 years, now, OCMI has constantly invested in the Chinese market: at the beginning with the standard sales practice and now with a newly established local entity.

China is the key market for OCMI in terms of product and services with a revenues growth of more the 10% Year over Year and with a client base that consolidates every year.

The demand for pharmaceutical glass containers (Ampoules, Vials, etc.) is rapidly evolving especially in terms of quality and quantity of the investments. OCMI is playing a key role in this process delivering high technology machines capable of answering to every customer’s need

The number of new manufacturing lines, more than 80 installed as of now, and the consequently changing need of technical assistance, after-sales service, pushed OCMI to develop a new strategy to better serve this fast increasing demand.

This is why in year 2014 OCMI management decided to establish OCMI Glass Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a local office placed in Shanghai responsible for Sales and Marketing of both new machines and spare parts, installations and after-sales assistance.

Installations of new production lines, training of local operators, after-sales assistance are performed by a purposely formed Chinese new team of engineers constantly trained and supervised by OCMI European engineers.

The Shanghai office is managed by Mr. Wang Baoqing, now General Manager of OCMI Glass Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., who has worked as OCMI official Representative in China for many years and is linked to this brand by a relationship of extreme mutual trust.


25年来奥克米一直保持在中国市场的良好运作,从刚开始销售先进的机器设备到现在已注册成立了本地公司。中国是奥克米在产品和服务方面的主要市场,每年收入同比增长10%以上,客户群体每年都在巩固并扩大。 由于中国药用玻璃容器(安瓿,小瓶等)的需求正在快速上升,特别是在制瓶设备的质量和数量方面。 奥克米在这一过程中发挥着关键作用,总在提供满足每个客户需求的高科技机器。截至目前,已安装的新生产线数量超过八十台套,以及随之而来的技术支持,售后服务需求不断变化,这促使奥克米制定新的战略,以更好地满足这一快速增长的需求

2014年奥克米管理层决定在上海注册成立奥克米玻璃技术(上海)有限公司的,以专门负责新机器和备件的市场销售, 设备的安装调试以及售后服务工作。 新生产线的安装,用户操作人员的培训以及售后服务由奥克米专门组建的中国新工程师团队执行,该团队在不断地接受奥克米欧洲工程师的培训和指导。




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