Moderne Mecanique

The history of MODERNE MECANIQUE as machine manufacturer, started in 1972 in Montreuil (Senna-Saint-Denis) with the production of the first ampoule forming machines type MM30, destined to become the most known and used ampoule making machine worldwide. Also the first after-forming lines started to be produced in order to offer a complete solution for the manufacturing of empty ampoules from tube forming up to final packing operation.

In 1980 MODERNE MECANIQUE was acquired by SCHOTT, multi-national group with a wide range of products developed for flat and hollow glass industry. The new owners of MODERNE MECANIQUE transferred the production site to CHELLES and equipped the factory with new CNC tooling machines.

Starting from 1989, the first complementary equipments were developed by MODERNE MECANIQUE according to new requests coming from the market. Ampoule production lines started to be equipped with first camera inspection systems OPTISTEM (for forming machines) and OPC devices for alternative ampoule breaking system (for after-forming lines).

In 1998 OCMI-OTG acquired the majority holding in MODERNE MECANIQUE, with SCHOTT retaining 26% of company shares.

With OCMI-OTG involved in the management, MODERNE MECANIQUE, mantaining the production of current equipment, started the production of after-forming lines for borosilicate glass vials (types LF520 and LF535) to be connected with vial forming machines produced in OCMI headquarters of Milan (Italy).

In 2007 OCMI acquired the remaining shares of MODERNE MECANIQUE from SCHOTT and consequently the complete control of French factory with the main purpose of offering more and more complete technological solutions for the pharmaceutical glass industry.


Moderne Mecanique

13, Avenue de la Trentaine
77507 Chelles France

Phone: +33 1 600 871 71
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