Moderne Mecanique

In 1998 OCMI acquired the majority holding in MODERNE MECANIQUE, with SCHOTT retaining 26% of company stock.

In 1972 Moderne Mecanique started to market the MM30 and, at the same time, began work on the development of an automatic line to complete the automation of the production process.

In 1980 MODERNE MECANIQUE was acquired by the SCHOTT Group, with its vast range of activities in the glass industry. The new owners transferred production to the CHELLES complex and introduced new, CNC machine tool into the process.

Manufacturing techniques were developed, with production of the OPTISTEM and OPTICUT accessory units starting in 1989.

In 2007 OCMI acquired the remaining stock of MODERNE MECANIQUE from SCHOTT.


Moderne Mecanique

13, Avenue de la Trentaine
77507 Chelles France

Phone: +33 1 600 871 71
Fax: +33 1 600 865 75