AMIG, established in 1980, started its activity with the production of pressing, drilling and sand blasting machines for Italian and European lighting ware and headlight lens manufacturers.

Over the years, AMIG has expanded its production range to cover the whole hollow glass engineering sector, with the following machines for glass tableware and technical glassware:

- Full electric linear presses
- Turntable presses
- Fire polishers
- Turntable spinning machines
- Press-and-blow machines for jugs and large jars
- High voltage insulators lines
- Glass blocks lines.


In 1997 AMIG was acquired by OCMI-OTG and MT Forni Industriali (Italian manufacturer and supplier of industrial melting and decorating furnaces for glass industry located close to Venice), thus establishing an industrial group capable of supplying a comprehensive range of equipment for the hollow glass industry and of performing projects of turn-key plants in both glass household and technical ware fields.

Latest achievements of AMIG are the turn-key projects and complete lines for the production of high voltage insulators and glass bricks.

AMIG is today the trademark of OCMI-OTG and MT Forni Industriali for the supply of pressing, spinning, press-blow machines and turn-key factories for manufacturing glass tableware items and technical glass articles.